Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank You for Your Concern...As You Can See, We're Fine.

Dropped out of blogging again and I appreciate your inquiries regarding the state of things here. As you can see, we remain sound in body and mind...

Friday will be Oakley's 21st birthday. He has matured into an upstanding young man. With the hair to prove it.

David is getting ready to apply for graduate school in neuroscience. His primary interest is in the burgeoning field of inverse relationship between shirt collar/frontal lobe dimensions.

Flannery continues to build her med school application while performing experiments of a highly classified nature at the Mind Research Network. She is looking for volunteers. Can I see a show of hands?

Aside from David's thyroid condition, we'd give life two thumbs up. WAY up.

If I only had a thumb. And I'm glad that someone finds this condition so amusing.

(The funhouse photos are the result of playing with the Photo Booth application on my new iMac, courtesy Santa Bennie.)