Monday, December 17, 2007

Blogger Header Chainsaw Massacre

A couple or so weeks ago, my header photo got cropped beyond reason. The mountains up and vanished, as did most of the sky. Some of the words took to hiding behind what was left of the foliage. Worst of all, Lily's chair lost its legs. I'd noticed this but hadn't realized it was happening all of the time. Thought it had something to do with the fact I was putting more images in my posts. Got an email from Lee asking what was up. Next morning the blogger troubleshooting email feed I subscribe to came rolling in with tons of complaints from fellow bloggers:





F*#@ YOU AND YOUR CHAINSAW TOO! (Me too. Well, not really. But it should have been.)

Seems someone at Blogger had decided to make all of our headers the exact same dimensions. A one-size-fits-all mentality so flies in the face of why we blog.

I've noticed that some of you, such as Daphne, have fallen victims to the massacre. A more symmetrical, repetitive image such as Daphne's, luckily, doesn't look quite so foolish in its truncated state as did mine.

Hiram, the rakish spirit who frequents one of our spirit chairs, (I highlighted his name, so you can read about him, if you're curious) has been livid. He was already sulking about my decision to leave his chair out of the heading, but to see Lily's reduced to a shadow of its former self simply unnerved him beyond belief.

Me, I'd gotten used to his incessant clanging on the roof in the early afternoon, but now he's come inside the house. He's taken to setting the little vintage horse rocking in the wee hours of the morning. Waking up to that hateful thing swaying back and forth on the bricks of the living room floor, night after night after night--it's like being trapped in a David Lynch movie. Nonsensical, dark, never-ending, and annoying. I'm a rag.

Tis the season for miracles. Mine arrived in the form of one Mishka, a brilliant troubleshooter who speaks my language. Follow this link to Mishka's blog and you'll see an explanation on how to get your amputated headers up and running again.

Mishka. Patron Saint of Cascading Style Sheets.


Celebration of Life said...

It's like we don't have enough stress in our everyday life and now the blog world seems to add to it! For every problem there is someone who has an answer, if we will only search! Thanks for finding the miracle answer!

Sparkling Red said...

Spirit chairs. That's a new concept for me. I shall watch out for them, because I'd hate to accidentally sit down on a spirit's lap. It would be such bad manners!

lime said...

thanks for the visit by my place today.

dontcha just love when blogger stifles the creative spirit. i hope youcan get your header back the way you want it sooner rather than later.

voxstefani said...

Somebody canonize this Misha!

And thank you for sharing the miracle solution with the rest of us distraught Blogger users. :-)


San said...

Hey Jolene,

I know what you mean. Murphy's Law and the internet--a match made in hell.

I love that new profile picture. That's you and your daughter, right?

San said...

Sparkling, it probably depends on the spirit in question. I'll ask Hiram.

San said...


The header IS back the way I want it. You didn't see it yesterday. As weird as it is today, it was downright disturbing yesterday.

San said...

Esteban, thanks for stopping by!

Consider the canonization a done deal.

Dan said...

San, it's strange that nothing happened to my banner! Could it be that my banner was exactly the right dimension?

Lee said...

San, great to see you closer to normal again. Thanks for the link! Mishka definitely knows his stuff! Yay!

Merry Christmas!

QUASAR9 said...

Needless to say it appened on my blog too
But I can live with the trunkated version

Still always nice to know any remedies to any blogger changes. Thanks!

Celebration of Life said...

Good morning San!
Yes, this pix is of my daughter and me. I am finally starting to figure out the settings for my blog! I imagine you are busy with it being the busiest shopping week of the year! I am glad I have all of my shopping completed as I really don't like the bustling crowds!

San said...

Could be, Dan. Or could be a case of annoyingly good karma.

San said...

Yeah, Lee, this is as close to normal as I get. ;-)

Merry Christmas!

San said...

Quasar, working with light years instead of pixels would alter the "livability" threshold I guess.


San said...

Jolene, downtown Santa Fe is an anomaly shoppingwise. For every other retailer in American, this is a make-or-break week. For us it's the lull before the week between Christmas Day and New Year's. That's when the tourists return to town and the hotels (and galleries) get busy.

Glad you're able to relax, having your shopping done. I have something to look for today and will actually put up a BACK IN 30 MINUTES sign on the gallery and wander around downtown. I'll have the stores pretty much to myself.

Granny J said...

Hi & thanks for stopping by to climb my stairs. Would it be possible to send me info on how to get the blogger troubleshooting email feed that you talked about? Tho I try for simplicity in my dealings with Powerful Online Presences, I'd still like to keep up with what's happening. I'm glad you got your chair legs back.

San said...

Granny J,

I appreciate your visit too.

To get the email feeds, go to your dashboard and click the HELP tab. There you'll see a discussion group. Click there. Log in with your ID info and you can subscribe to the emails in abridged form.

jsd said...

what a bummer - and what poor creativity on blogspot's part

San said...

Hey JS--

Blogger-the Grinch who tried to steal Christmas?