Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blue Plate Spectaculars Crash onto Culinary Scene

Although the umbilical cord was severed almost 21 years ago, I've a new link to my daughter. That would be Flapjack Flanny, a cooking blog with blow-to-blow reportage on the gustatory exploits of The Blue Plate Spectaculars. Who are the Blue Plate Spectaculars? The One and Only Officially Unofficial Culinary Club of the University of New Mexico. The brainchild of a couple of pre-meds (Flannery and Lorenzo), their Mexican wrestler mascot Alberto (and to think I knew him when he worked the popcorn machine alongside Oakley at UA-DeVargas), Mike (a line cook at Flying Star, known for prodigious knife-wielding skills), and Amy (whose specialty is alcohol-food pairings.)

Just remember, kids--knife-wielding, Mexican wrestling, and alcohol do not mix!

In an email Flannery has implored her parents to "prepare to be amazed this Saturday." She and Oaks will be home for autumn break and she has sent me a shopping list whose ingredients will facilitate her preparations of Navratan Korma seasoned with her own homemade garam masala of spices brought from India by her friend Jesse! AND a two-layer pumpkin cheesecake. How do you spell salivation???

I am honored that Flannykins chose to top her blog with a photo of my miniature Deluxe Dream Kitchen appliances, circa 1963. Doesn't that Revere Ware loom oh so large?


b2 said...

And a mini bottle of tequila goes along with that Dream Kitchen. Should all those accessories come to life and enlarge some magical evening, it's the king-size tequila bottle I'll be chasing down that dream road.

Lee said...

Cute miniatures San. My mother used to have a bottom freezer refrigerator the same yellow as that stove. :)


Flannery said...

Actually, it's Cholula hot sauce. Mini bottle of tequila are for sissies. And I am not a sissy.

San said...

b2, no wonder we've been friends so long! We fantasize on the same page. I was going to correct your mistaken ID of the Cholula, but I should have known--Flan beat me to it. By the way, Cholula puts out the prettiest hot sauce bottle there is, complete with a wooden stopper.

Lee, I adore those retro pastels. In the early Eighties I bought a Fifties-era chrome-legged aqua formica dinette table at a used furniture store on Haight Street in San Francisco. I believe I paid $40 for it. It served me well in several kitchens in various locations. Sadly, it's in storage now, as my current kitchen isn't large enough to accomodate it. That bums me.

b2 said...

OK, y'all, I can be forgiven for mixing up tequila and hot sauce. The prevalent bottles here in Lower Alabama (the real LA) are from Louisiana. But you know where my mind is.

I used to love Aunt Hattie's turquoise, red, black, and white melamine dishes, with matching flatware handles, used atop a yellow formica table in her turquoise kitchen. Right now I can't remember if the formica countertop was red or yellow. I used to have the yellow formica table that belonged to my grandmother, but I loaned it to one of my brothers, who left it behind in a move. Wasn't his, he didn't care. Oh, well--I hope it found a good home.

Meg Wolff said...

I will check out Flannery's blog. I love the Deluxe Kitchen ... I'm sure I broke mine years ago, but Oh what wonderful memories!

San said...

Meg, I was so impressed to learn that my mom had held onto mine and had it stored in her attic crawl space. Now it graces Flannery's kitchen! It's the Deluxe Dream Kitchen for posterity.