Thursday, October 25, 2007

You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

Today at 3:20 p.m. (Mountain Time) Flannery will be 21, a card-carrying adult.

I couldn't resist posting a picture of my baby back when. Those eyes say it all: Don't toy with me, people. I am on to you.

AND a picture of my baby now.

Never one to shy away from challenge and hard work, she's come a long way. A few of the things she's done in her 21 years:
* Worked the graveyard at a recovery center
* Volunteers in the University Hospital ER
* Volunteered in the Agora Crisis Center
* Editor-in-chief of her high school paper for 2 years
* Won the UNM RA Iron Chef title 2 years running
* Sold a painting at our gallery at age 14
* A Santa Fe Super Scholar
* Presidential Scholarship winner
* Flew to London on her own, paid for it herself
* Was a teen reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican
* At the age of 4, embellished a five-foot painting and a brand new white comforter with my brand new lipstick, in five minutes flat
* Was born 20 minutes after we arrived at the hospital--a mover-and-a-shaker from the start!

Happy Birthday, Flannery.



b2 said...

And I love how you and Bennie celebrate and respect your offspring. Is she older now than we were when we met? I think so--there's an OMG in there somewhere, but also great thankfulness for our blessings. Congrats to all of you!

Lee said...

What a wonderful affirmation of your daughter's successes in life. Happy Birthday to Flan. May she have a brilliant future.


Daphne said...

Your children sound like amazing people. I bet you and B have been very supportive parents. Of course you're both creative and I bet that has gone a long way!

San said...

b2, Flannery is either older or just about the same age as when we met. You have in fact provoked the OMG response! Thank you for your ongoing well-wishing.

Back at you, kiddo...

San said...

Thanks much, Lee.

Peace to you, too.

San said...

Daphne, thank you! Your own children's spirits will no doubt be enlivened by your and Rob's. Enjoy the unfolding...

John said...

I actually tried to post a comment on the Safety First segment, but the system wouldn't accept it. Don't know why. Happy Birthday to Flannery. I remember the day I turned 21 rather well. (Don't tell her it's all downhill from there! Just kidding.)

San said...

Yeah, John, I've gotten reports of other comments being eaten by the system. I haven't a clue what's up with that, but it's a pain. Could be there's an "over the hill" filter.