Thursday, January 10, 2008

Recipes for Movers, Shakers, and Me

OK, so Lee gave me the heads-up on another illuminating online personality quiz. She found it at JS's place. The rest of the San Antonio contingent, in their feverish, lemming-like, Episcopalian manner, had rushed to take it too.

I'm a good sport. These things mean so much to Lee, after all. How can I let her down? It's also a welcome diversion from filling in 1099s. I took it. All I had to do was plug my name into a field, hit the submit button, and there I had my personality in a nutshell. I assumed it was some kind of dumbed-down numerology thing. The Recipe for San Merideth:

The Recipe For San Merideth

3 parts Mischief
2 parts Rebellion
1 part Charisma

Splash of Recklessness

Limit yourself to one serving. This cocktail is strong!

Truth be told, I was a little let down by this particular Recipe for San Merideth. So I simply put the browser in reverse, headed backwards to the quiz page, and hit the submit button again. I didn't even retype my name. Voila! A New, Improved Recipe for San Merideth:

The Recipe For San Merideth

3 parts Ingenuity
2 parts Genius
1 part Craftiness

Splash of Intensity

Finish off with whipped cream

That's more like it. Uncannily accurate in fact. And with whipped cream on the top. I thought, hey, what about other movers and shakers?

So I took the test for Mother Teresa. Here's the Recipe for Mother Teresa:

The Recipe For Mother Teresa

3 parts Fascination
2 parts Attractiveness
1 part Rebellion

Splash of Elegance

Sip slowly on the beach

Wow, she is in a better place now.

Darth Vader??

The Recipe For Darth Vader

3 parts Style
2 parts Glamour
1 part Kindness

Splash of Prosperity

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice


Dr. Phil???

The Recipe For Dr. Phil

3 parts Inspiration
2 parts Panache
1 part Ambition

Splash of Giddiness

Finish off with an olive

Wow, that's Dr. Phil to a "T." Especially the Splash of Giddiness. I'm dumbfounded. Go ahead. Take the test. If you're not pleased with the results, keep taking it. Take it for anyone you can think of. Dick Cheney, Hamlet, Elizabeth Taylor, Harry Potter, Mr. Clean. It's fast, it's painless, it's free, it doesn't go on your permanent record, and you might come up with something you can actually swallow.

What's the recipe for your personality?


alt said...

I don't know San, "3 parts mischief" sounds just right to me. :-d

San said...

Whatever you say, ALT.

Let me see how you fared...

Lee said...

LOL I agree with Alt on this. You are mischievous. But, when it comes to describing one's personae it is what makes you happy that counts.

I love the fun you made with this one. We need to start spreading this type of fun around. Too many Sours in the recipe world. :)


San said...

OK, Lee, I guess I'll settle for 3 parts Mischief to 2 parts Genius to 1 part Charisma. And I insist on the whipped cream.

david mcmahon said...

This might be a daft question, but what's a 1099? Love the recipes! I'll have to check out Einstein ....

Enjoyed your comment about scraping ice for the ice pack I'll be holding to my furrowed brow today as the mercury keeps climbing!

lime said...

LOL, i love that you took this on behalf of other people. thats' a riot.

personally i think your original recipe sounds more accurate for me!

oh and to answer your question at my place...

HNT is half-nekkid thursday. participants post a picture of themselves and some skin somewhere. could be a foot, a lip, a cheek, or anything. some do nudity others don't. my own personal choice is to do things that are either purely humorous, expressive of something meaningful or artistic in some way. it's up to the participant how they want to interpret.

there is a teeny tiny button link in my sidebar that takes you to a guidelines pages.

San said...

1099s are tax forms here. We use them to report "non-employee income" to our beloved IRS (Internal Revenue Service.) A gallery has lots of non-employees who receive income--the artists.

San said...

Lime, yes, you are quite the mischief-maker, aren't you?

You and your HNT. Tsk, tsk.

murat11 said...

" might come up with something you can actually swallow." That's hilarious, and you and all America need a diversion from your 1099s.

I always knew Brother Darth was one spiffin' wannabe Goth. Dude had some major shine on that astral spandex. Thanks for callin' him out, Ms San.

San said...

Paschal, I never thought of Vader as a Goth wannabe, but yes, that Cinderella shoe fits rather well.

But "Goth," in its proximity to "Darth," made me think "Garth." A kind of mental typo. Makes me wonder what would happen if I plugged in "Darth Brooks." The mind reels.

jsd said...

thank you for the laughs, and you're willingness to play along with SA's insatible need to take personality quizes.

San said...

All in a day's drudgery, JS.

As you know, I'm fond of you SAs. Guess it's a co-dependency thing.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thank you, San, for visiting Nick’s Bytes. Thank you more for your delightful blog. I clicked her to write the first line, I stayed here to read your posts. I shall return frequently.

San said...

I am delighted by your comment, Nick. And by the prospect of your return visits.

Thank you.

Merelyme said...

lol...i think i am afraid to. what if i am more like doctor phil than saint theresa?

San said...

Then, do what I did, Merelyme. Hit the back button and take it again!

Dr.John said...

Cute!. I don't think I'll take the test though. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I cry for the whole political system which is more concerned with party and winning than serving and working.

San said...

Hey, Dr. John. You're better off not taking these tests.

Don't get me started on the political system. I'll cry a river.

Lori Witzel said...


(Wipes eyes)

The one on Darth Vader got me. (Although your others were purty darn good.)

Garth Vader. An idea whose time has come...

San said...

Lori, I'm now picturing you removing those stylish specs to wipe your eyes and laugh.

Nice image.

Kim said...

San, this is absolutely halarious! I have to say it was a tremendously wonderful ending to this dreary (weather wise) day! I don't know, maybe you should be more than 3 parts mischief in that recipe! Seriously, thank you for visiting my blog, again. Your insights are so meaningful. I'll be back to see what you get into later! :)

Sparkling Red said...

I'm a sucker for internet quizzes. They're good fun!

Kim said...

This recipe is a hoot! And very fun. Thanks for visiting again. Nothing new posted since I arrived in CA, but hope to take care of that soon. You are an amazing artist. I am drawn to you work, it reminds me of so many thoughts...emotions and experiences that I haven't thought about in a while. Isn't that interesting? Anyway, it makes me feel good and that is the best therapy.

Ms. Creek said...

Well, I think I'm all wit! lol funny post!

San said...

Kim-the-Artist, I say whatever helps us make it through the day is worth the recipe search.

The weather is dreary here too. Melted snow turned to ice. Break-a-hip-in-the-parking-lot days.

San said...

Well, Red, join the suckerhood!

San said...

Kim-the-Quilter, you've paid me an exquisite compliment. Thank you!

Maybe I'll hang out my shingle. :-)

San said...

Ms. Creek, glad you're laughing!

Celebration of Life said...

HI San! I am back from my intensive work week. I took the quiz and blogged it because I am too burned out to think of something new. Thanks for visiting my blog while I was away.

HMBT said...

Heather Brown Truman:

3 parts Charm
2 parts Ingenuity
1 part Impishness

Splash of Sass


That works for me!
Have a great day San.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you spoiled my whole day. 1099.

San said...

Jolene, that's why I blogged it too. But I can never keep things simple. Story of my life.

Glad you're back.

San said...

Heather, yes, that does work for you, especially the impishness and the sash.

Chug indeed.

San said...

Hey Abraham. We all knew it was coming--the day of reckoning for independently contracting creative types.

Carol said...

George W Bush

3 parts Enchantment
2 parts Energy
1 part Dignity

Splash of Sexiness

Finish off with a little umbrella and straw

I think the test is broken!

San said...

Who knows, Carol? Maybe he'll go down in history as the enchanting, sexy president.

A.Bananna said...

lol. that is funny about george W. Bush.

thanks for visiting my blog san!

velvetginger said...

Just stopping to say HI San!

San said...

Hey, A. Love your new profile pic.

Thanks for returning the visit.

San said...

Hi back, VelvetGinger.

Thanks for visiting. Please come again.