Monday, September 10, 2007

Chips 'n Salsa in the Bosque

Yesterday Bennie and Flan participated in the Albuquerque "Chips'n Salsa" runs. Bennie had originally planned to continue with his tradition of running the New Mexico Marathon (26+ miles), but having a change of heart this year (and in my book, a highly strengthened grasp on sanity), he scaled back to the Half Marathon (just 13+ miles), which he ran in 1 hour, 55 minutes, and 30.4 seconds. I call that rather brisk. You?

Flannery ran the 5K. Her time was 29 minutes, 47.8 seconds. Prior to the run, she assumed she would actually have to walk the distance because of a muscle injury she sustained a couple of weeks ago, a stubborn one that didn't want to heal. But on the route, which winds through the cottonwoods and willows and olive trees of the Rio Grande bosque, she discovered her muscle soreness was gone and that she could run again. Nothing like the alleviation of pain to make a person glow! that I think of it...
glow is a verb characterized by a 95.2% tendency to possess syntactic correctness when occurring in a sentence having Flannery as the subject.


Flannery said...

Mom, that picture is horrible. Akkk! Let me send you the one on my cam. Much better.

San said...

Right. A face only a mother could love. AND the face that turned a thousand heads at the finish line.