Friday, September 28, 2007

Me, Revealed

Don't you just love those little quizzes you can take while thumbing through magazines at the checkout? Tally up your answers and you have Answers.

What Breed of Dog Are You? (Pound puppy.)

What Model of Car Are You? (Ford Pinto.)

Do You Have Your Retirement Ducks in a Row? (You are a potato without a couch. Why not take up skydiving?)

Are You a Masochist? (You've been in the gallery business how long? 22 years? And they let you have scissors?)

Are You Depressed? (While you may not be clinically depressed, you do have a tendency to seek comfort in sugary snacks, cheap magazines, and facile quizzes such as this.)

The Snack Food Personality Profile. (The results of this one I'd just as soon keep to myself. Yes, I did take it while standing in the express lane at Albertson's, and yes, my score almost made me put back the Krispy Kremes, microwave popcorn, and Jose Cuervo.)

Who's Your Dream Date? (Orville Redenbacher.)

What's Your Body Mass Index? (Now I AM depressed and for the hell of it, I'll take TWO boxes of the Krispy Kremes.)

Well, I just took another quiz. It was online. My friend Lee took it. Her friend J.S. took it. Why not?

This particular quiz had a little more depth. It was:

What Color of Crayon Are You?

This is what I learned:

I am an orange crayon.

This means:

  • My world is colored with offbeat, confident, and stimulating colors.
  • I have a personality that is downright weird.
  • I wouldn't change it for anything.
  • I am loud and expressive, I voice my opinions fearlessly and strongly.
  • While I have a strong personality, I can be friends with almost anyone.
  • My color wheel opposite is blue.
  • My confidence is something blue people truly envy.
Sorry, blue people. I had no idea.


Lee said...

Awesome, San! My friend Murat11 was also an orange. His blog links to JS's and mine. He writes sound poems and some really rambling and widely connected bits about his experience of life. I'm wondering what your take on him would be.

On the subject of art and galleries. I'm pasting a couple of links to an artist that happens to be a member of my church and also one of a group of watercolorists that he is a member of. I thought you might like to visit them. E. Gordon West is here:
and the San Antonio Watercolor Group is here:

Enjoy. :)

Flannery said...

To be orange is to typically be considered obnoxious. :D

As a fruit, however, to be an orange is typically considered to be delicious. Delicious, with a tangy, juicy bite. Well-rounded and pleasant-smelling, well suited to the winter months. Also capable of squirting you in the eye.

San said...

Lee, I will look at your orange friend's blog, also at the watercolor paintings. Thanks for the info!

Flan, you know me too well. You will be a completely annoying shrink.

Sleepless_in_Connecticut said...

The bit about magazine quizzes was a hoot. So you're an orange, huh? I'm growing more fond of it, but still lean heavily towards turquoise and purple. With a wam, rich, orangey yellow to balance them - but not near my face.

Joe Friday said...

Speaking for all blue people, ma'am, and with all due respect, it's not your confidence we envy, it's your Krispy Kremes.

San said...

Sleepless, now I'm going to be self-conscious about having my face near certain paintings.

Joe Friday--you'll have to pry those Krispys out of my cold, dead fingers. Don't get any ideas now.

indicaspecies said...

Hahaha..I am green with envy!

San said...

Celine, glad you got a chuckle out of it.

San said...

This is a test.